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In most cases, Think Talent fees are contingency based, meaning that payment commences on the first day a new hire starts in their position. In keeping with industry standards, Think Talent charges a percentage of the first-year annual base salary before bonuses, stock options or incentives.

The exception is executive searches and searches for scarce talent, which may take more time and resources. In these cases, Think Talent may charge an engagement fee up front.

Contingency fees include:

• Meeting with clients to discuss specifics of the position and work environment/culture
• Confidential search of talent profiles that meet position requirements
• Pre-screening candidates prior to submitting resumes for client consideration
• Presenting and discussing letters of offer with candidates
• Salary negotiations on behalf of clients

Think Talent acknowledges that start ups and smaller organizations may not have robust HR or communications functions. We offer communications and administrative support if needed, such as:

• Support to draft job descriptions (included, if needed)
• Boardroom space for confidential interviews (included in fees, Vancouver, BC, only)
• Backchecks (additional fee)
• Executive coaching (additional fee)
• Draft news releases and internal announcements (additional fee)

Think Talent is transparent with fees and will lay out all costs and expenses for approval by the client, prior to commencing a search.

Think Talent never charges a fee to potential candidates seeking a position. We welcome qualified individuals who are legally entitled to work in Canada or the US to apply for our posted positions.